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like with baker at my ticket “Ticket Number: 004934” discussed, he advice me to open a feature request. Here the original thread from my other post “Job approval by client”

Here my idea. I need sometimes this kind of process. We open a job task, add there some files (for example content files within a doc) and client must approve it. We would upload the files, open the task, client will receive a email and will then approve or reject the files or tasks. When the client is not satisfied and reject the file he must fill out what does not fit for them. After client approve or reject the work Admin plus involved persons (employees) will get a email with the new status of the project/files.

But also it could be used to when i would approve the employees who is connected to a task. I can set a “approve” or “reject” for his job and then i can add what must be improved that the task could be approved.

I guess this is not only for me usefull, right?

Nobody else need this, really?

i wanted this also badly

Need it bad as well

I added a request similar to this below, so +1 for me

+1 for me too, because when freelancers send completed task and it´s not finished, means i complain something and set % to 0 back, it´s still in the approval list. I cannot reject it that it disappears from the approval list.

Working on this now. Files Approval.

Files approval is now implemented as a new feature. You can email the file to the customer for approval.

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triplex79Client/Employee/ – Ticket/Files approval