Client Unable to View Invoice

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Hi, I’ve been looking around for quite a while now and I can’t say I’ve found the answer to my problem yet. What I’d like to do is to be able to assign a user as a client, or a primary contact to a customer and then give them the ability to ONLY view invoices associated with their projects, orders, jobs, etc. Is that possible?

I found a few instances when this specific topic was brought up, for example:
misslaidlaw Purchased
5 months ago

I can not find how to make invoices only available for my clients to see their own.
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5 months ago

go to settings -> user roles -> add new role. On the left side check the invoices box, give them only view permission if you only want them to view it, or edit if you want them to edit, etc. Then on the right side customer data access “only customer I am assigned to as a contact” and check user login box. Then go to customers and setup a password for them, username is their email and password is whatever you just set it as.

I tried these instructions and still have no luck. Could it be something else? It’s become a bit frustrating. Can you please help? Advice?

Thank you!

Please send a screenshot of the user role permissions for this customer and we can investigate. What does the customer see when logging in?

Dear dtbaker,

Thank you for the quick response. This came as a bit of a surprise to me, but just as I was getting ready to email you a few screen shots of the admin side of the dashboard, I noticed that in the User Role configuration, changing or assigning the primary contact (user) User Permissions/Job Data Access to “jobs from customer I have access to” made it possible for that primary contact (user) to view the invoices. As far as I can tell, that’s all that it was.

It seems that setting the primary contact (user) User Permissions/Job Data Access to “Only jobs I am assigned to” is what will prevent a primary contact (user) from viewing the invoices, even if that primary contact (user) was assigned to be a primary contact of that customer.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for your support!

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artzeroClient Unable to View Invoice