Client Name Change Errors

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When I try changing the client’s company name and ID (custom field) I get taken to the ‘add new client page’ and these errors…

Notice: Undefined index: customer_id in …/includes/plugin_customer/pages/customer_admin_open.php on line 21

Notice: Undefined index: customer_id in …/includes/plugin_customer/pages/customer_admin_edit.php on line 16

Notice: Undefined index: address_id in …/includes/plugin_address/address.php on line 79

I’m using a current (as of 4/28/13) with the UCM Whitelabel theme.

Any special characters or something like that? Try creating a new very basic customer with just a name and simple contact details, no ID. See if that works. See if adding the ID or extra things creates the problem. Also check current user permissions if you are not logged in as the super administrator (user ID # 1)

OMG…you are quick on the draw! Thank you!

I just tried it…just the name…same results. No special characters and nothing fancy. Weird.

I’m having the same issue
Notice: Undefined index: customer_id in …/includes/plugin_customer/pages/customer_admin_open.php on line 21

nothing special, created customer just with first and last name, email address, I get the error when i go to create a new website for them

I have all the latest updates

any update on what could be causing this?

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tripod0502Client Name Change Errors