Changing System URL

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Hi I just want to know whether I will have an issues (licensing or other) if I change the URL of my system. I want to change it from to So it will still be a single use product.



I believe you will have an issue if I remember right but it is in the config table

I had a problem while doing the same thing, had to revalidate my license :s

Thanks guys, anyone able to shed light on how to do it? Do I just change the domain in the system settings?

There’s no problem swapping domains, ¬†however you may run into an issue while trying to do an update. Just send through a support ticket and we can very easily reset the license so it works for your new domain name.

Yes change the URL within the settings area, and then move all the files across if needed, and then login to the new domain.

Thanks David!

I have changed the domain name, after I did the update. So far so good but will let you know via a ticket if theres an issue with the next update. Thanks again.

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davidmckellitChanging System URL