Change Request set up

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I have attempt to get this to work, on a clients site.

js code added to the client site, script inserted at the end of the html file so load up of the JS is after everything else has loaded.

Nothing happens???

From what I understand, the JS fies up a php script on your own sever, that then checks the db for the end user, I assume here that a check is made against an IP addresss for the client/user? But cannot see how???

If this is the case, I cannot Test if its working as I am not the client, but i manage their website – so is something missing.

If there is no IP checking, it would surely mean that anyone will be able to add/post comments on a websites page.

sorry, unsure whats not working, nor how to fix, what I don’t know what its doing…

speak soonest

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madesignUKChange Request set up