Change Request Problems

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Unfortunately, I have more problems with the Change Request Feature.

1. When ‘successfully’ submitting a change request, TWO OF THE SAME change request item are created. Furthermore, the link to continue on, shown on the success screen, does not point back to the original page – I guess clicking it creates another Change Requests entry instead, hence two entries the same.

2. Change Requests does not work on pages in sub folders. I have investigated this and found that it is down to a jQuery conflict. In a nut shell, including a recent jQuery release, such as 1.11.0, in SUB FOLDER pages using the Change Request feature, will crash it.

3. Email notification of Change Request is not sent.

4. Logged Change Requests do not show when admin or client clicks the ‘view’ link -it just loads the page that the Change Request was made on.

5. In customer view, there’s a link that says ’email’ click it and it take user to unformatted page with ‘no perms’ error message.

This issue has taken hours of my time, I’ve read through the forum.

Please Help! ;(

Possible workaround solution to issue #2 (only tested in Firefox).

Include Change Request scripts ABOVE all other inclusions of jQuery.

In addition to the above:

6. When signing in to client account, get error alert message ‘change request notification email not sent to user’.

7. The links to each respective change request are not displayed in the CR section in admin or client view.

8. The CR public.js comments state that the CR cookie will be deleted when clicking ‘finish’ but it is not.

9. Two cookies with the same name are set. Cookie #1 has / path and cookie #2 has /folder/ path.. as is, no doubt there would be an additional cookie set each time a document uses the feature located in different folders.

Purely by chance, issues #1 #3 #4 #6 and #7 are now fixed. The problem was linked to an unknown .htaccess problem it seems. I just cleared the file and rewrote the rules, and hey presto?!

#2 #5 and #8 Still need investigating. #9 Is likely as expected? I just figured one cookie set for the domain would be ok?

Any luck with this one (issue #5) ? I have the same ‘no perms’ problem when clicking on the email button on the item list.

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