Change Request / Email problems

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Hi There,

I currently have an issue where staff not assigned to a given client are receiving all emails associated to change requests made by that client which is causing some problems.

I have checked the user role permissions and all seems correct and based on what I have configured I do not believe this should be the case.

Is there something else I need to check to stop this?

Thanks Bradley

Hello, I see this marked as resolved. Was it resolved or still an issue?

Hi There,

The problem is resolved in the sense that I found a post which noted that if a particular user role lets say Client or Staff had edit access to change requests they would be notified about all change requests and events associated to all change requests in the system even for customer records unrelated to them or to which staff where not assigned. This is what my post was related to and I updated my configuration to remove edit access and problem has been solved to a degree.

I guess my question would be is if there are any plans to make it so I can grant edit access to customer and staff user roles and have them only see details to change request related to them and not everything?

Hope this is clear. Apart from that you have delivered a cracking little system here love it and is one of the best investments I made for our business!

Thanks Bradley

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wellardbChange Request / Email problems