CC and BCC needed

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Hi DTBaker,

Love everything about UCM, it’s a life saver, but I can’t use the ticket functions at all because I often have to CC or BCC addresses.

For now I’m just using a regular mail client outside UCM.


Thank you for the feature suggestion (and for trying out the new forum) !

Would you need to CC/BCC any email address, or only select from users within the system in a drop down?

It would be generally be to clients, mostly.

CC:  My clients are lawyers, and they often like to have their colleagues  and / or assistants CC’d.
BCC:  Sometimes I bcc my own partners, so that would be handy also. 

Thanks for all your hard work.  I’ve recommended your software to others.


And often when they email me, they’ll cc a few other people.  Currently  I wouldn’t be able to see that in UCM I think.



Excellent, great suggestions we will be including these along with some other new email features shortly.

hrapier, definitely like this suggestion and this can be used for a lot of different business scenarios which can benefit from utilizing this feature no question.

Have made a start on this feature.

The latest UCM version will now display the TO / CC fields on imported emails.

So if a customer sends in a support ticket, and CC’s someone else, the UCM system will now show the address of that other CC.

The next step in the process (a little bit harder) is to make some new CC/BCC input boxes when replying to a support ticket.

Screenshot here on the blog:

And the CC/BCC boxes have been added. See down the bottom, click the new button next to “Send” to show the boxes.


Very nice, and thanks for the update, keep up the great wk dt

Fantastic,  ask and receive…  You don’t see this with Microsoft Inc.


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hraypierCC and BCC needed