Can't select Paypal, checkbox always unticked..not visible on invoice!

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Hi out there,

I purchased this ucm system early last month, I have been trying to get Online Payments working for the past week, specifically Paypal, with no luck.

I created my paypal account, verified it, updated the ucm settings with the correct details and enabled paypal payments.

On the invoice page I see the checkbox for Allowing Paypal as unchecked. If I attempt to check the box and save, the checkbox always returns to the unchecked state, as a result Pay online is never shown on the invoice!!!



Static Dream.

Please send through a screenshot of the paypal settings page ( Settings > Payments > PayPal ) and we can let you know if anything is wrong. *You can remove your email from the screenshot, that is fine.

Please find below the screenshot of that page and the invoice page…

Requested Screenshot

The “Only Show When Greater” option means “PayPal will only be available if the Invoice value is greater than $3000”.

Well okay that makes sense, but shouldn’t it remove the option entirely from the invoice page unless it meets that requirement.. Additionally FYI To me it seems by the way its set out that option relates to the Fee, and only to apply the Fee if the invoice total is above 3 grand.. maybe this should be a request if that option isn’t available.


Yes someone else was confused about that as well. I’ll work on improving that in a future update.

Thankyou so much!!

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staticdreamCan't select Paypal, checkbox always unticked..not visible on invoice!