Make job discussions stand out more

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It is very difficult for people to see DISCUSSION notes on the Job Tasks.  It would be really nice if there is a note the CONVERSATION BUBBLE was Red Blinking or something so you could see there were note!

It needs to stand out more..



I agree! This is a great feature but underutilized as customers don’t see it – it ties in with the auto update feature request as there is no easy way for them to “reply” to the discussion, so they just reply with an email that defeats the purpose of the online discussion (since it becomes one-way).

Perhaps instead of a separate job discussion for every task, one job discussion can be used for the Job itself (kind of like a Private Message Board that uses for projects). This would really be helpful!

Small update, they now stand out a bit more:

Thanks so much! Definitely appreciate it…I did try to synthesize a bunch of the Feature Requests surrounding the Job Discussions into a new feature – that would still allow for the Task Comments to be valuable, but would be more all encompassing:

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patchworksMake job discussions stand out more