Can't Install!

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I can’t seem to get the new or old install to work! I’m on Php 5.3 for sure, and I added write permissions.

Also, I want it to be on either a BLANK subdomain, i.e. or

In the first instance, it won’t let me install on the blank subdomain, and on the second, I have WP installed on the main and it seems to conflict for some reason. Any help? =/


– Mark Cuda

Also I guess it installed but not the right way, because I went to do a clean install and it gave me an error saying it had been installed already. Please help! :/

Hi spark1!

Is there an error message during the single-file installation, or just a blank screen?

Please try giving full Read+Write+Execute (777) permissions on the folder. Please make sure the folder is completely empty except for the the single install.php file.

If this still does not work please feel free to send in a support ticket with relevant details and we can install the item for you.


Hey bud, still haven’t trouble. I just submitted a ticket. If you could help that would mean so much. I’m in dire straights. =/

Also, I meant to give the $8 donation for support but I don’t have anything sitting in my paypal at the moment. I do apologize.

– Mark

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spark1Can't Install!