Can't edit an existing task in job page

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when i want to edit a task in a job page, the edit link button is dead… nothing happened except add a :”#” in my url. What is strange is that it’s work great with english admin language but it doesn’t with french admin language …

any clues ?

Thanks 🙂


There is a problem with this translation in the language file:

“There are no invoices for this job yet. Please create and complete a task above in order to create an invoice.”

Is this a correct translation or could it be better:

“Il n’y a pas de factures pour ce poste pour le moment. S’il vous plaĂ®t crĂ©er et exĂ©cuter une tâche au-dessus afin de crĂ©er une facture.”


The latest update should resolve some issues.

The correct translation is :

Il n’y a pas encore de facture pour ce projet, merci de crĂ©er une nouvelle tâche ou bien de cocher comme “effectuĂ©” une tâche existante afin de pouvoir Ă©tablir une facture.

If you need help with the french translation, be free to contact me 🙂 It will be a pleasure…


thanks for your answer 🙂

Problem solved thanks !

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kenjiddCan't edit an existing task in job page