Can't delete or rename extra field

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Hi guys,

just to let you know a small bug.
I can’t delete extra field.
When i click on the delete button, it says that everything works find, and that the extra field was deleted correctly.

But that’s not true lol
Each time i delete an extra field, it appear again at the bottom of the list… there is no end…

Also when i want to rename an extra field, it create a new one instead of rename it.

(I have the latest version of UCM pro)

Thanks again… 🙂

We’re planning some “extra field” updates shortly (including drop down select boxes) and this update will include a fix for delete/rename.

Great ! 🙂
Thanks !

And what about the Paypal fee ? do you planning and update soon ?

Thanks for your time and your job 🙂

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kenjiddCan't delete or rename extra field