Cannot install on Windows

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Hi There,

I’ve started a new PHP site using WebMatrix on Windows 7. I run install.php, but it complains that it cannot unzip.

I then copy the contents of the OLD Installer folder into the site folder and start via index.php, but it looks like the stylesheets are not picked up the site is only white with plain text. When I then enter my serial key, nothing happens and when I restart the site it then asks for a username and password(What should I enter?)

The database only contains about 8 tables. Is this correct?

Please advise…thank you!

Hi Pieter

Try this :

Please open the file “includes/config.php” and on about line 19 you should see this: define(“_REWRITE_LINKS”,true); change it to this define(“_REWRITE_LINKS”,false);

Alternatively please ask hosting provider to enable .htaccess mod_rewrite functionality.

Your default login is

Password is ‘password’

Hope that helps

Amar Bou

Thank you for sending in a support ticket. Marking this as resolved.

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pieterCannot install on Windows