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What about the ability to have the UCM calendar in our iPhones and else 🙂
Will be so great to have an iCal import/export for the calendar !
Thanks !

I came across this need recently, and was very disappointed not to find it. However, I did some research and found the coding needed to implement this isn’t very difficult. The most difficult part is the permission checking and securing the calendar similar to the auto-login link.

Because of my need for this feature I am going to take a crack at it. In another post: it is said this feature is planned. So possibly if I can get a lot of the coding done…others would be willing to expand (even UCM Dev Team).

Planned Rollout:
-1. UnSecured All Events Public Publishing
-2. Autologin Hash for security of iCal URL
-3. Role Based iCal File(Possibly provide two URL’s: the secure all events calendar for admins and manager rolls, and a user specific iCal file.)

Any other suggestions feel free to shot me an email: or reply here!

Almost finished with a full ical export feature in UCM. So everything available in the “UCM Calendar” will be shown in an export ical file.

Latest update now contains this full ical export. See settings > calendar.

Yeah !!! Great !!! thank you VERY much 🙂
I’m really happy with that thank you….
Are you going to work on the import features one day ? Or it’s not a plan ?
I just want to know, in order to know how I have to organise my team calendar for the future. ..

Thank you again I’m so happy with this 🙂

ical import isn’t a planned feature any time soon, however please submit it as a new feature request and we can go from there 🙂

OK I will …
Thank you again for your great job guy’s
It is really appreciated 🙂

I’m sorry to bother you… but it doesn’t work.. I export it to google as you explain, bu nothing appear in my google agenda 🙁 It’ s like my CRM calendar is empty…. whereas is not….

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