Bulk update customers

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Is there a way to bulk update customers? E.g. through the import function can I upload a CSV with lead IDs for customers already in the database and emails, and it will update the emails for those IDs?

I’m pretty sure you can’t do it within the UCM user interface and the actual import function.

For now i think the only way to do so is use the ‘update’ function using SQL directly in your database.

I agree this could be a cool feature.


Actually I think if you use the Customer Export CSV feature you will get a ‘Customer ID’ column in the CSV file.

If you make changes to the CSV file and then re-upload it, it should overwrite those with the matching ‘Customer ID’.

Try it out on a small set of customers (eg: 2) to see if it works as intended.


Just tried on 2 customers to update the phone number, email and custom field on my test database, and THIS IS WORKING !

My mistake toasting2 :/ , and thanks David !


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