Bulk DELETE please

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Seems that the updated BULK DELETE, issnt bulk deleting

whats happened to the GLOBAL select ALL files, you have to select each file, then delete bulk in this section…

Just had to go back in to DB to delete ALL 150 entries, othewise it would take ages doing it using the current limited way of doing Bulk delete

hope you can crack this

I have no idea what you’re talking about. Where do you want bulk delete? Customers?

Sorry, it was late last night when I created a few entries, so perhaps a bit mis cross threaded 🙂

OK, lets go through the Bulk Delete problem::

You added Bulk delete, thank you. But the GLOBAL Delete radio button appeared and quickly disappeared from the TOP of the table.
So you have to individually check all files, there is NO global Check all.
Can you resolve this?
Would be nice if delete was available on categories as well.

Areas that would benefit from a BULK delete option
Any where where you can upload a CSV file
Newsletter > Drafts,
Newsletters > Past Newsletters
Websites || optional/dynamic for LONG lists

I will add to this list if I find others…

all the best

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madesignUKBulk DELETE please