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just to let you know a big bug in financial job report page. When invoices are merged, on the job report page,the total are wrong. Instead of add each invoice total, the CRM add the total of all invoices merged for each invoice.

For example:

i have 10 invoices, each invoice are 100$
I merged these invoices so i have now only one invoice with a total of 1000$
when i go to the financial job report page, i can see all my 10 invoices, but each invoice has a 1000$ total instead of 100$. So my final total at the bottom of the page is wrong ! because i have 10 000$ total instead of 1000$.

When you will correct this bug, can you add one more filter on this page ? Can you add the job statut filter in addition ?

And is it possible to have the total with tax and the total without taxes at the bottom of the page ?

Thank you so much…
And thank you again for your GREAT work !
I install your CRM to a lot of my client ! They love it !!!

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kenjidd– BUG – Job report