BUG: In NEW update the menus disappear

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In the new update when our users login the left menu disappears.  I think we have had this problem before and if I remember right it had to do with the Menu Array not being set to NULL or something!

Anyway, I have confirmed this is in the CORE CODE and not our customer code because we have a COPY that is a virgin copy that we use only to update our SVN CODE from!

If my assumption if correct about it being in the MENU array; I’m wondering if one of the new plugins cause a problem!

i do not encounter this issue, we use white label theme, which theme are you using ?

Whitelabel theme!!! It is not on the Admin account, but on lower level accounts.

Lower accounts works fine for me too. look at screenshot for low user role.


Very weird.

Well you are more than welcome to test out our VIRGIN BETA area at http://beta.patchworks.net but I’ve spent hours confirming this bug exists.

well you have that bug indeed ! , can you screencapture your role permissions for your user role ?

i will compare to mine.

That is a 100% VIRGIN INSTALLATION of the software! It is used for a SINGLE purpose and that is to update the CORE code so we can update then zip it up and integrate into our CUSTOM APP!

i realize now i have some issues TOO on lower user role than admin.

When connecting as simple user, cannot see all my customers, can can see them when logged in as admin.

Lets hope for quick answer from David on this.

Erratum, my mistake, wrong user role ! :s

Hi patchworks. Is it possible to please delete the entire UCM folder and re-install it in that same folder from scratch? Please try using a new database as well incase some user roles are causing issues in the old database. I am unable to find out what is causing this and nobody else seems to have having this menu dissapearing issue. Please also let mek now which hosting software is running UCM as that may help me find the issue (eg: Windows with WAMP or Linux with Apache or something else) Thanks , dtbaker


1. I can eliminate hosting for you because all 3 of my installs, LIVE, BETA & VIRGIN for UPDATES ONLY are on the same hosting (HostGator).  I’m not having problem with the other installs unless I put in the newest CODE from our VIRGIN INSTALL.

2. I can delete and reinstall, but what you I think you are missing is this is a 100% VIRGIN COPY! VIRGIN COPY mean I have not change a SINGLE setting!  It uses it’s own database; own folders, own URL, 100% not tied to our LIVE or BETA areas, etc.

This copy of UCM has only 1 single purpose.

WE ONLY USE IT TO RUN LIVE UPDATE; then zip up the files to copy into our SVN to get the UPDATED CHANGES!  DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH OUR CUSTOM CODE AS THIS BUG IS FOUND in all 3 versions (LIVE, BETA, VIRGIN) when we update to the latest code.

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patchworksBUG: In NEW update the menus disappear