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Hello, I had a variety of additional fields that I used the encrypt code and they have been working fine for quite some time. Today, I attempted to retrieve a client’s FTP password which I have in an encrypt field under the “Websites” module, and my encrypt fields just say “encrypt:1” and don’t allow me to click on them, type the encryption password, and retrieve the encrypted data. I made sure I have the latest updates installed. Please help as that data is needed. I was using the metis theme before, this is the first time trying to look at the Encrypt fields with the Admin LTE Theme – Not usre if it is an issue just with the theme? Thanks!

Encrypt Error

swap themes, encryption isn’t working in adminlte theme for some reason. We’re fixing it

thanks for letting me know – was able to find password in an old email, but will keep that in mind when I need one of my encrypted files in the future before the fix.

Encrypt in AdminLTE is now working.

Thank you so much!

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