Menu bug with last update

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i ugrated the last update yesterday and i have 2 bugs. I let you know for you can fix it 🙂

1- when i’m on a client and i change client to go to another one, the name of the last client stll on the top of the page. AND the data of the first client are twist with the date of the second client. For example, my fisrt client has 2 invoices and my second has 4 invoices. What i see on the screen is client 2=> on the top menu it is write number of invoice: 2 (but i can see 4 invoices on the screen)

2- Ont invoices the name of discount doesn’t appear anymore. I can see the rate of th discount, that’s it’s ok but no more discount name.


I had the same problem.

Temporary fix until the issue gets fixed -> Go into advanced and change cache_enabled to 0.

Apparently there are a few issues with caching that need to be sorted out still.

The menu caching bug should be resolved now. So you can try changing cache_enabled from 0 back to 1

I’ll look into different ways to speed the system up next time.

Also please send in a support ticket regarding the Invoice Discount, it’s working ok here.

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kenjiddMenu bug with last update