BUG at Invoice auto increment

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Hello DTBaker Team,

your software is really awesome and it helped me very much in matter of workflow improvement. Today i found a bug when creating invoices. I did exact what you wrote here: http://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-client-manager-lite-edition/47626/faqs/11705 and here: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/faq-knowledge-base/faq-item/?ucm_faq_id=50 means i did at advanced settings invoice_incrementing to 1 and after i create one invoice i go back to advanced settings and new field is there invoice_incrementing_next and set this field to 2.

Then i go back delete the invoice, because it was a wrong invoice. Now i created with 2 accounts from our freelancers two new invoices and both invoices have now the number 2, why? It should auto increment now. But it donĀ“t do that.

I really need very asap help, because they must create invoices and when the invoices have all the same number it would be a mess at the end in our finance.

By the way, the same happens with default numbering for invoices when we let the date as default. Yes id add letters to the invoice like 161213A 161213B but only at one freelancer account. When a other freelancer create at the same day also invoices, the system creates the same invoice number. And according every financial law a invoice number should be unique in the same system.

Thank you very much for your fast solution!

Hi, check my UCM plugin here. The Invoice Numbering Plugin adds a new function to the highly successful Ultimate Client Manager. In addition to the integrated numbering allows you to set unique account number format using shortcodes. Every auto generated number by {NUM1}..{NUM5} shortcode will be unique in the system. The numbers 1-5 mean the number of characters to be filled.

Best regards, webNpro

There should probably be a BUG or tracker.

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dan007BUG at Invoice auto increment