Blank Screen ! :(

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Hi, I couldnt say enough how UCM rocks…Bu now i have a Terrible issue.

Installed it on localhost and everything went fine..But all of a sudden 30 minutes ago, all turn into a white blank screen ! I cannot access UCM backend anymore. I tried to restart local server, cleared cache, but as soon as i login, white screen on all my browsers (Firefox / opera / Ie)

Help would be needed.

Ps, finished 80% French Translation of your Language file if you need to.



Problem solved, something is messed up in my translation file. Dont know what exactly.

Deleted it and everything works fine now. Will start a new translation from scratch again 🙁 and send it to you when over (and working properly)


Glad this is solved.

Have a look for a stray ‘ in the translation file. Something like this will not work:

‘english word’ => ‘translated’ word’,

it should be:

‘english word’ => ‘translated\’ word’,

with a \ before a ‘
or try this:

“english word” => “translated’ word”,

or there could be a missing comma , at the end of one of the language lines.

If you have put a lot of work into the file and need me to look at it to find the problem please feel free to send it through and I can quickly locate the problem.


Sometimes i feel like i’m stupid, found it in 1 min opening it on Dreamweaver.

I can send it to you though, its a quite good French translastion, around 80% done.

Let me know if you want it or need a 100% translated one

Send it whenever you are ready 🙂 I can include it in the next update and even put your name on it if you are interested. Thanks!

When is suppose to be the next Update ?

By the way, when creating a user role, i have this error message :

Warning: sprintf() [<a href=’function.sprintf’>function.sprintf</a>]: Too few arguments in C:\wamp\www\my_crm\includes\functions.php on line 545

=> That makes user login impossible..

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UCM-TEVOBlank Screen ! :(