Blank screen when 'fr'

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I reopen a topic already opened and marked as resolved.

Adding missing fields from ticket support to translate to french, but whenever i modify my french translation, i have a white screen.

i tried to rename the file to another tag like ‘test’ in custom language without success i allways have a blank screen.

Absolutely no idea of the problem

Help would be needed, i dont want to restart translation too french from scratch 🙁


When i put the arrays for translate i wrote in three last “;”. Change it for “,” and it works fine.

‘Ticket Information’ => ‘ ‘; <<<
‘Reply’ => ‘ ‘;<<<
‘We will reply between %s and %s days’ => ‘ ‘;<<<


I saw that already and modified it, but forgot a ‘,’ in another row

Thanks for your Help

The topic is resolved

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UCM-TEVOBlank screen when 'fr'