Best way to backup?

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Hi what is the best way to backup Pro version?

I use a cron job and script on my host provider.

It dumps and compressed the DB, compresses files and copies to a hosted FTP account.

I use this script available on CC:

I use it to backup hourly MYSQL dB’s to a NAS via FTP.

WHM/cPanel full backups are also done daily to the same NAS as well as local backups on the server so hopefully a pretty robust solution.

The above script also allows you to backup files/folders if required so is pretty useful, however I only use it to handle DB backups.

Not to try and do just self promotion, but this works very well with UCM (I have done a restore and have had no problems), it is an automated website/MySQL backup service that we run. if interested, you can take a look at it at:


At the moment I’m working on a backup & restore plugin for files and database. Please check this topic and let me know what features are missing from my todo list…

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deecemobileBest way to backup?