AUTOMATICALLY Create Generic Job Template to Customer/Websites

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We love the ability to be able to have Jobs/Tasks in UCM, but the problems becomes when you are doing business on a LARGE scale we lose track of work flow and things get lost in the shuffle.  It would be nice if we could specify Jobs that are AUTOMATICALLY CREATED and Applied to Customer/Website when they are created in UCM.  This would keep customer from getting lost once entered in the system.

For example; you could establish a Job that was CREATED for a Customer when they were entered in the system.  That Job could be a list of tasks to remind a sales person when to follow up with Letters, Phone Calls, eMail and such.  As well if you could have another Job that was created when a Website was created it could be a set task list for staff to follow like Purchase Domain, Setup Hosting, Start Promotion, etc.

This is another module that I would be interested in paying a donation to get implemented.  I’m offering up a $150 donation for now to get this.  If anyone else is interested in something like this maybe you can offer up some development costs as well…

Hey, after thinking about this more I started wondering how to make it more generic for everyone’s needs and I thought about the idea of having a “WorkFlow Rules” plugin.  Basically the WorkFlow Rules would allow you to set Rules that would launch an event when a specific task happened.

A task could be adding a customer, website, job, etc.

An Event could be an email, create a job, or create an Alert on the Dashboard.

For for example when a Customer is Added; you could have an event to send our an email and have a Job Automatically created, or also send an eamil out to a Staff member when a Website is added…

I think some WorkFlow Rules would be a good module to handle the above and would give alot more flexibility and power to have rules apply to lots of other Work Flow tasks?

dtbaker, any ideas on the Business Rules concept?

I would be glad for this function too.

it will be great +1

it will be great +2

it will be great +3

it will be great +4

Yes a generic workflow would be wonderful (and could be very complex!) I’ll keep it in mind after these automatic payments are sorted out.

definitely this will be one of the most important upgrades for UCM.

+1 Any updates on this?

An initial approach could be to supply an API where a plugin coder could subscribe to events. Doesn’t the framework provide the basics for this?

On of the first plugins using this could be the WorkFlow Rules.

I would get my hands on integrations with other systems by handling the “new Customer Request” to send emails to our development ticketing system (trac).

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patchworksAUTOMATICALLY Create Generic Job Template to Customer/Websites