automatic late fee for invoices

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It would be great if we had an option to set late fees that would take effect after certain amount of time has past the deadline. For example, 10 days after deadline 1.5% late fee would be applied for every month it is late.


Were you ever able to add late fees?

+1 this would be great to know how to do or as a feature!

+1, very good idea 🙂

Feature accepted. Thanks for the contributions!

Is there any estimated time for this feature to rollout?

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Any ETA on this?

Hi y’all,

Having an automatic late fee would be terrific, but I believe the option to manually add late fees on invoices after they have already been sent and saved would be very beneficial as it’s a pain to create another invoice just for late fees or to recreate the invoice with the late fees.

Also, to have it send every time you’ve set in the settings updated with the late fees and to have the late fees added below where subtotal is located on the invoice when viewing, printing, etc.

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Blake Pounds
WP Jack of Trades

Is it done? I am also eagerly waiting for this feature.

Would like to know where to auto-add late fees and if this was added. 🙂

Me to this feature will be very useful

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