Automated Credit Card Subscription Charges

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Is there any option to automatically charge the credit card that is associated with the account using the preferred payment method, ie. Stripe, Authorize, etc.? I would like to be able to have the customers setup and if they have a subscription to automatically charge their card for them so they don’t have to enter it. Maybe its in the app somewhere but I haven’t seen it. Thanks.

We are working on automatic payment subscriptions (paypal, stripe, authorize, etc..) at the moment there is only automatic invoice creation with manual customer payment. We’ll be sending out a newsletter once it’s ready for testing.

Great, glad to know you are working on this as it is one of the only things holding us back on using the application as a full client management software. Are you thinking that this may come within the next month or longer? I ask so I can get my processes in place to temporarily solve the problem until it is read.

Any update on this?

Here is the API information for setting up Stripe for automated billing

Any new update on this ?


Yep it’s almost done.

It successfully creates a subscription in Stripe, and you successfully get your money every (eg:) month, but it doesn’t yet correctly generate the corresponding Invoices in UCM. Once the invoice generation is solved I’ll be pushing this out and sending a newsletter as well. If you’re lucky, today!


It’s now available – you are welcome to upgrade and test – I’m just doing a few more tests before sending out a newsletter.

This invoice was just created on a weekly stripe subscription:

Now we just have to wait a full week to see if it correctly generates the next invoice…..

Excellent, that is great to hear

Dtbaker, which payment processors can we now set up for automatic credit card subscription payments? Stripe, Paypal, others?

Stripe and PayPal should both work for automatic payments.

I’m joining in on this thread as we are wanting to the same with “PayPal Automated Payment” but our payments are weekly and invoices are varying amounts.

Is there a way to do SEMI-AUTOMATIC payments on paypay’s pro account?

@patchworks I’m not quite sure about this one. Maybe provide an example or a link to paypal documentation showing how this is to work.

@dtbaker Our situation is we bill weekly and we want to get a PayPal Pro account so we can use their “Automatic Blling” option to bill our customers each week. It would be nice to have a payment method for “PayPal Automatic Billing” and when when you process that invoices it would automatically charge the customers paypal account.

So for an example, a customer might have an invoice this week for $100 and next week for $150 and it would be nice if somehow when the invoice was created, it would charge the PayPal account.

Here is a link to PayPal’s “Automatic Billing” description!

Here is the description from their website:

Automatic Billing – Automatically charge a customer’s credit card or PayPal account on a monthly basis up to a limit set by your customer. Use it for consumption-based billing where amounts vary from month to month.

More API stuff

Maybe I should start a new thread?

@reviewer how were you able to get the automated payments to work?

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reviewerAutomated Credit Card Subscription Charges