Authorize Error!!

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While attempting to proccess a deal through Authorize I get an error saying “error conneting to authorize”

What’s going on?

Please ask the hosting provider if they block connections to Authorize from PHP scripts.

I use on our own dedicated server.

There is no error in the apache log, and they’re not seeing anything. They said they’d never block something like that.


I need this resolved asap

EMAIL ME if you need access ot server to check it out, please.



Yes please let me know the support ticket ID number and we can login using provided details to investigate the issue:

Ticket Details
Ticket Number 004952
Subject Authorize Error
Assigned User dtbaker Support
Type/Department UCM Questions & Support
Status New

Did trying this FAQ solve the issue:

Please ensure the latest version of UCM is installed, then run a “failed” authorize payment, then look for this setting in Advanced to change.

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