Assigning Credit/Credit

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The way the system is set up, Assigning Credits (credits that are applied to a customer’s account for a future invoice due to overpayment) show up under finance as an expense. When the credit is applied later as a “Credit” to an invoice, the system does not show the “Credit” under Finance at all. This causes the system to record an expense and loss of money that didn’t really happen.

I think that there should be a new credit category added… sometimes it’s necessary to give a courtesy credit to a customer that shouldn’t show up under finance as money received. But if they credit came from “Assigning Credit” for an invoice overpayment, the credit needs to show up under finance as money received (since the “Assigning Credit” shows up as an expense, that way the Assigning Credit and Credit are zeroed out).

Anyone else have an opinion on this?

Thanks for letting us know about this. I’ll have a look at credits and see if I can get them appearing in the finance area better.

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fritolaydoritoAssigning Credit/Credit