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I’d like an appointments feature in the jobs module.

UCM does 95% of everything I need it to, but without the appointments I can’t actually use it at all.

I take calls over the phone, book into CRM and arrange a chargable appointment while customer is on phone.

I’d need fields in jobs for date and time, with exports to Google calendar, and email confirmation to customer.

If UCM can get those features, or if it can be bent to my will otherways ;), it will replace a helpdesk I’m paying $50 pm for one user, and far exceed the features too.

Click more fields under job details, add job time in there. Click “email job to customer” for email confirmation. Choose job start date as appointment date. Settings – GoogleCal should then show upcoming jobs on a calendar.

If it doesn’t get in touch via support ticket and we might be able to setup a custom ical export file for you.

Thanks, dtbaker

That was quick.

I’ve tested that and confirm it works, and well enough for my purposes right now.

I’ve not fully tested Google cal as I’m waiting for it to sync.

It would be nice to have the option to auto email customer on job open, with time of appointment, but not a show stopper.

Thanks & great app BTW – I’ve worked with masses of helpdesks and CRMs and this is better than most SaaS or on premise I’ve worked with.

Now how about an Aussie Quickbooks export? 😉

I’ll work on an update so that job “Extra Fields” can be included in a “job_email” template ( Settings > Templates ). eg: If you created the “Appointment Time” extra field in jobs, then adding {APPOINTMENT TIME} to the template should be possible. Automatic emails wont be possible, but by adding the time etc.. to the template you should be able to send out a templated email in 2 clicks.

I’ve never used quickbooks unfortunately. If you have any information on the export format (example files are great!) please feel free to post a new feature request including these.

Google Cal was a monster to get working, and it’s quite an old feature in the system. If it doesn’t sync please get in touch and I can give it some love to get it working again.

Extra fields in emails would be great and really open things up I think.

As for an extra click to send an email! Are you trying to wear me out or something? :p

Seriously – No problem with that and is maybe for the best anyway as maybe I don’t always want to send one.

I don’t really know QB either, but I’m stuck with it. If I could help I would, but I don’t even do the books myself so have no experience here. If I can dig some up I’ll submit with a feature request.

Google cal worked at first and I have 3 appointments in there, but it’s not syncing now.

That looks great – thanks for the heads up.

Thanks so much! I look forward to playing with it! Is it possible to change it from the 24 hour format to a 12 hour format? I didn’t see this in the Advanced settings and not sure if it is available….also, when we add stuff to this calendar will it automatically update our GoogleCal if we have that linked already??

Thanks so much!

I did find a bug…I tried putting in an hour appointment from 11:30AM – 12:30PM and it autochanged it to end at 12:30AM the following day. I can delete it, but when I try to add it again it does the same thing. If I edit the event, correct it, and save it, it still keeps it at 12:30AM the following day.

That 12:30 bug is fixed, thanks for letting me know.

12 hour format may be possible, I’ll see

thanks so much!

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