Any way to merge or sync another database?

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I already have a Members database and they can update their “profile” from a login section of our website.

Wondering if there is a way to sync some of the fields from another database automatically when the other one is updated.. ?

Here is a snapshot of the members database.. ?

Yes if you are familiar with PHP and MySQL you could modify the existing members login area a little.

Make it so that after it saves any changes it also saves those same changes to the UCM database.

You would need to look at the UCM database and then work out what fields you need to update, then work out what the SQL query would be to update those fields.

Unfortunately I cannot help with this implementation, but it should be possible. If the programmer who created the existing login section of your website is still available then they should be able to perform this modification.


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eberswineAny way to merge or sync another database?