Any problems with new Metis theme?

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The new ‘Metis’ theme is a big change for UCM. So there are still some areas that will look ‘old’. If you come across anything that looks ‘old’ or doesn’t work well please take a screenshot and post it here.


1. Chrome scrolling down – the scroll bar (disabled) popups up when hovering mouse over menu.

2. Need the “Make Payment” button for invoices/quotes much easier to see – it does not match the theme’s large buttons 🙂

There needs to be a cancel button located on the encryption pop up for the password area when the lock icon is selected. The only way to get out of this pop up is to select the back button which brings you back two pages and isnt ideal. See screenshot for reference.

404 and permissions forbidden error received on my admin account.

Follow these reproduction steps:
1. Select “websites”
2. Click the “name” (the hyper link text)
3. Without making any changes, press the green save button.
4. Observe.

Check out this screenshot for reference

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Keep it coming. I should have another update with these improvements tomorrow. Jump back into the original theme and test to see if any errors are due to the new theme or the base system as well.

1. Chrome scrolling down – the scroll bar (disabled) popups up when hovering mouse over menu.

Settings > Theme > Change ‘Menu Style’ to ‘Normal’ down the bottom.

Great update, UCM Team! Though I’m having an issue when I was trying to udpate the invoice template (not sure if other templates will have the same problem).

I’m using Google Chrome and Firefox. After the update, I tried editing/clicking an invoice template and it won’t open. Tried clicking on each link and nothing happens.

Was that a bug?


There was a problem editing individual job tasks.
“Timers” link on the side menu doesn’t work.
Email Invoice failed to load the WYSIWYG editor.

(This is while using Chrome)


Opening and editing templates seems to be working here:

If it’s still an issue please send in an email support ticket with some temporary login details and we can identify and fix the issue.


There is somehow a note on an invoice that I am trying to create and when I click the title of the note, a pop up occur saying “failed to load note, please try logging in” –which I am already logged in. Also when I accept the error message and click Save, it duplicates the side menu to the middle of the screen whichs is really weird.

When I select the trash can icon to delete the note inside of an invoice, I get a blank white page with no delete confirmation as normal, so there is no way of removing the note. See video for full reproduction of steps.

Does this theme support autosuggest in the search? I’m not getting search results anymore as I type, I have to click search to get them. Is this by design or issue?

Hi. Creation of invoice directly from the JOB window is no longer working as well. Both in Chromee and Firefox. I checked your link and you’re right, that one is working.

I emailed you the temporary login, through EMAIL SUPPORT button in this link.

Kindly check what’s going on.


Also, if I go back to the old theme while waiting for the above issue to be fixed, there should be no problem right?

Thanks again!

Great looking theme, thank you!

The main issues I’ve noticed are:

1) The date popup script no longer functions. If I switch back to any of the default themes, then when I click a date field — in the finance section, invoices, setting up jobs, etc — I get the mini calendar popup to select the date. When I switch to Metis, that mini calendar popup doesn’t appear, and I have to type the date manually.

2) Similarly, some settings that initiate popup/modal scripts (such as under Settings -> Invoices -> Templates, and clicking a link to try to edit a template) do not function. The popup never appears in Metis.

3) Advanced settings are not editable. When you click the value (text input field) nothing happens. If I switch to a different theme they are editable when clicked.

I’ve tried these in IE11, FF25, and Chrome. Other than these everything looks great. Hope this helps!

File comments, the tag number isn’t contained within the tag box.

Great theme, I really like that one.


I think the text on the menu is a little dark (easily user changed in settings though).

Ditto the Logout button & changing the CSS for this changes all links including those on white background.

Ditto the Quick search box.

I think the body panel could do with the outer and maybe inner borders removed.

All just my opinion though.

Just a little css bug in finance. When I try to change date there is a z-index error on calendar!
Bug Finance

Looks like some CSS is messed up on Settings > Products. Very large font (h2). See screenshots. Not a bug, but kind of looks odd.

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dtbakerAny problems with new Metis theme?