allow users/stuff to become affiliate!

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Hi david,
i just see you working on improving the staff.
i have very interesting addon then not need a lot of work but will give us very big and great future.

i am talking about “affiliate”

this can be done on this way:

in the user/staff section there will be checkbox. “is affiliate”? if the checkbox is checked couple things will happen after the user will click on the save button.

1. the user/staff will be allowed to create leads(promotions weill be set automatically)
2. new filed will appear near “affiliate checkbox” that will ask affiliate commissions (in %) from any paid invoices that created for all customers that convert from affiliate leads.
3. all the comusens will add to “user/staff” balance.

* lead notes must have “private option” so not all the notes affiliate will see.

also it will be great to have int the lead section drop down menu with all the “users/staff” that are act as “affiliates” so when some of the sales person create new lead he can select if this lead come from some affiliate (from email of his website, phone and etc…)

waiting for reply and suggestions


Hi david,
what do you think on this addon? this something that take a lot of work or it can be done on the same time you are working on staff improvement.


Hi david,
Do you think you can implement this option as well?

No sorry this is not something we can add to UCM

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igornnallow users/stuff to become affiliate!