Admin LTE Dashboard Rearrangment doesn't save

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After rearranging the dashboard in AdminLTE, logging out, and logging back in, the dashboard is back to its default – the rearrangment isn’t saving 🙁

Having same issue

Adding this feature was actually incredibly difficult!

It’s not just saving the position of elements within a jQuery UI Sortable list, but also saving which list which elements have been moved to and then the position within those lists that the elements are to appear.

It should be done in the latest update, but let me know if something doesn’t seem right.

Thanks for working on this fix! I installed the update, tried rearranging elements, but it still doesn’t save?

Also, it doesn’t seem to allow anything to go above the four panels (view tickets/leads/jobs/quotes) without it being a panel – in my case I was trying to put the welcome message above those four panels, but it doesn’t allow it to be a widget that goes across the page. I am not sure if this makes sense.

The JS has been updated so it might need a browser cache clear for saving to work.

Currently the “column groups” in AdminLTE are set as:

4 columns

1 column

3 columns

2 columns

There is no way to re-arrange these “columns” by dragging on the page, only can arrange the boxes that sit inside these columns.

The code is in adminlte/pages/home.php

$widget_columns = array();
$widget_columns[4] = array(1=>array(),2=>array(),3=>array(),4=>array());
$widget_columns[1] = array(1=>array());
$widget_columns[3] = array(1=>array(),2=>array(),3=>array());
$widget_columns[2] = array(1=>array(),2=>array());

you could re-arrange these 4 lines of code to control which order the 4,1,3,2 columns appear in.

I can confirm this is working for me.

Thanks so much! clearing the cache allowed it to work on my end too 🙂

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savioAdmin LTE Dashboard Rearrangment doesn't save