Adjust the weight on task percentages?

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Hello, does anyone know if it is possible to adjust the weight given to specific tasks with regard to the percentages for completion? I added in one task (which is at 0% and doesn’t take much work) to a project nearly done with 2 other tasks at 90% each and this brought the project completeness down to 52%! It just doesn’t look good for the client when I actually have a lot more of it done then it states.

Any ideas?

This might be a good feature request?

The percentage is based on hours.

If each task is setup as a hourly rate, then that will be the percentage given.

eg: 5 hours for all tasks total. if 2.5 hours have been completed then the percentage will be 50%.

Thanks for the information – I guess my issue is arising because I am using Amount Only verses the Hour and Amount…is there a way to disable showing the hours and giving my own weight to these tasks with the Amount Only? I like the Amount Only option as that is how the majority of my business is done, but it seems that everything is designed for the Hour and Amount.

Yep everything is setup for hours and amount as that is how UCM was setup initially years ago. It shouldn’t be too hard to add a new overall “manual” percent override feature for a job. I’d just like to get the recurring payments feature done before doing something like this.

Thanks so much – I appreciate that!

This is now available in the latest update.

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savioAdjust the weight on task percentages?