Adding a direct link display for FAQs and/or script embed

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It is awesome that we can embed our FAQ into our website, the one downfall I am seeing is that there is no way to directly reference a particular FAQ (both in current FAQs as well as on our website). Since we are embedding an iframe into the site, we can’t reference a particular FAQ.

Example: I just completed a server migration for my clients and wanted to reference different links for them (how to point a domain, change their email, etc.). On a lot of FAQ modules they would sort it like:
So that you can give or reference a direct link of a FAQ question (and from there they can search other questions).

I know with the FAQ embedded via iframe that is not possible, but in the FAQ settings if it would give us a direct link to that FAQ Question/Answer that we can copy and paste and use as a direct link if we want (or a separate iframe), that would be very helpful!

Another possible option would be to embed the FAQ via javascript instead of iframe – though I am not sure if that would work for what I am referring to.

Another nice thing about doing a javascript embed would be that the content of the FAQ would be more seamless with our site – we wouldn’t have to worry about iframe scrollbars or making the iframe height really tall to accommodate FAQ questions, our site would move and adjust based on the content of the FAQ.

The FAQ here is a WordPress plugin that pulls the FAQ articles from my UCM installation.

The code is here: (cannot remember if this is the latest, but it should work ok)

Thanks so much – though it appears that this wouldn’t work for a non-Wordpress site?

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savioAdding a direct link display for FAQs and/or script embed