Add Website, Customer to Pending Job Alert

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The Pending Job Alert screen is hard to see what you have if you have several of the same type jobs queued up.  Here is an example screen

It would be nice to see more detail to be able to determine the Website, Customer, etc. of the job so you could see which one needs you immediate attention.  As it is, you don’t know which is which!!


The changes you made to the “Job Todo” alerts were GREAT, but the original “Pending Job Quote” alerts need more information as well…

The way it is you don’t see which customer it is for, which website it is for, etc.

I haven’t been able to find this change…  We still get screens like this where we can’t tell what customer/website!

More work has been done on this in the latest update.

Oh Great, I’ll check it out…

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patchworksAdd Website, Customer to Pending Job Alert