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There are payment processors out there which allow you to set up direct debit mandates on their system and then allow you to generate a URL which you can then pass on to your customer.

Is there a way to add a button which maps to a user defined URL so that the client can be taken from the invoice to the user defined direct debit payment processor?

If this can’t be done currently, then please could this be considered as a feature?

I think I’ve found a possible answer to my question here:

In my case I’m not looking to interact with an API, I just want to give the client a way of reaching a specific URL which is unique to them.

Extra fields in the invoice might work too. Eg: create an extra field called PaymentURL then insert {PaymentURL} into the invoice template. Might be easier than creating your own payment gateway plugin.

That sounds much simpler. I did try that suggestion, however for some reason the variable doesn’t expand when the invoice is displayed and I just see ‘{PaymentURL}’
in the invoice. I also changed the visibility setting on the extra field just in case that was causing the issue but this made no difference.

Sorry all custom fields should be in uppercase, so try {PAYMENTURL} in the template.

Then you could create a link like this in the HTML editor: <a href="{PAYMENTURL}">Pay Now</a>

That now works as expected. Thanks for your help.

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