"Add-on" Store Option

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Since a lot of the workings are already there (Products/Invoicing/etc.) my thought is it wouldn’t be too difficult to create an “Add-on Store” within UCM…this concept is not for a fully featured store (which I suppose it could become), but rather a scaled back version.

My guess is that a lot of other businesses sell fixed price add-ons to sites/etc: Galleries, backups, additional discs/etc. If these are created as Products with a fixed price within UCM, and there was an option to “Show in Add-on Store”, on the client-end they can select the various add-ons/products they want and click “Buy”, and an invoice will be automatically created and they can pay it.

We would get a message from UCM of the purchase and it becomes a new job/tasks.
This would bypass quotes/etc. as they are fixed prices an the customer is agreeing that they want it as they are purchasing it directly from within UCM.


+1, very good idea 🙂

Great idea. I’m needing something like this right now.

I would love something like this.

+1 This would be ideal for me.

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savio"Add-on" Store Option