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The finance page is nice. I think it could be improved by showing the Customer / Customer name in there too ?

Otherwise, it is just numbers and invoice numbers.. a bit confusing..


I agree. Also it would be nice if it automatically linked to a company for those that use the system for more than one for easy sorting.

Customer/Company added to Finance. This was a quick addition, so if you could please test this out and report back any errors that would be appreciated.

That’s a great and very helpful update! I tested it out and it’s perfect!

How it’s working for me is the finance transaction will be linked to all companies the customer is linked to according to their “Customer” page (assuming the transaction is linked to a customer). If a specific company is selected on the financial transaction itself (instead of default), it will also link that company to the transaction (so it will link to all the companies the customer is linked to plus the selected company).

One small thing you might want to know is that the “company” filter feature on the finance page is off the page and to the right. It doesn’t bother me any and it might just be my computer, but thought you should know. I’ve attached a screen shot.

Thank you very much for making the change! It’s great!

company sort

The above screen shot is for the “Left” theme. The other themes seem to work find.

Yep a future update will make these “Search” bars more responsive so they don’t go out of the page. For now there isn’t much I can do, maybe in a week or so. Glad the new feature is working.

Can you also add a row that shows customers given credit amounts on general finance report and in customer dashboard when he is loged?

Most of my clients keeps a positive balance and want to know how much has ben used to pay its invoices or if they need to put more money in advance.

The search bar is not responsive in the white theme, is there a way to change this? or format the search bar?

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eberswineAdd new row to Finance page