Add multiple Email Addresses for contacts

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I would like some of my primary contacts to have multiple address emails, so they can send tickets from both mails adresses they are using, and thoses tickets would become available and visible by the clients in their dashboard, without requiring an administrator to manually assign the client to the ticket.

Actually, we can create many contacts for a client, but we can’t create many mails addresses for one contact.
That would be really helpful.


Unfortunately this is no a feature that can be added to UCM. Maybe there is another way to achieve this? I don’t quite understand the multiple email address things for tickets, maybe an example will help?

It’s quite simple.

Some of my primary contact (so, one single person) are using many emails box. Sometimes, they send mails to my support tickets system using, and sometimes, they use for example.
Both of the mailbox are the properties of the same user, and not 2 differents contacts.

The actual problem is that if i create 2 contacts for a client, the first one with the mail, and the second one with the mail, and then the client directly send a mail via his mailbox to my support, the ticket will not apppear in his dashboard when he’s connected with his primary email address ..
I was just looking for a way to add 2 mail address to one single contact, or a way to MERGE two contacts, so, when connected, a contact can see both dashboards in a single one session.

huh, i’m so sorry for my english ^^

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tlartaudAdd multiple Email Addresses for contacts