Add multiple customers/contacts to a job

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There are many times where I have a job that two or more people want to be the contact. It would be helpful if we can connect multiple contacts to a job in UCM so they can see the job, comment on it, have access to the files/etc.
When emails go out they will all receive them.

The potential difficulty would be in payment, but you coul have one selected as primary billing or allow them all to get the invoice in case they want to split the invoice amongst themselves by partial payments (not sure if current payments allow for a partial payment of what is invoiced).

Of course, each customer would still have their own account in case they have a separate project/job that only involves them, but it would be so helpful to link multiple customers/contacts to a job!

Multiple contacts from the same customer is possible, however multiple “customers” linked to the same job is quite a big job behind the scenes.

Hmm, that would be a help as the multiple contacts could log into the account and see the job info, correct?

Can you tell me how to add multiple contacts to a customer? I know on the new sign up form we can list more than one contact, but I can’t seem to do that on existing customers?

I think I figured this part out – after contact i created you can “link” it…however, this still requires double inputting. Is there a way to “Select From Current Contacts” when it comes to adding an existing contact?

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savioAdd multiple customers/contacts to a job