Add % Fee to Paypal Payments

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Good morning! Although my clients typically pay for their projects by check (most are local) I was wondering if there would be a way to add the percentage fee associated with Paypal payments to the total of the bill? I believe it is around 2% of the total. If one of my clients were to choose Paypal to pay for their project I know that on my end when I withdraw the money I’m 99% sure that they end up taking a percentage. Anyway, I think it would be really great to automatically add this fee to the invoice if the customer chooses Paypal as the payment method. As a small-business owner I am already paying about 30% in taxes on any income so this would be a great benefit.

Also… Is there any way that I could add another payment option (radio check box) for “Cash” or “Check” or both. That would be great as well. I am more than happy to donate money towards any efforts in creating this functionality.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Adam Sowers

I would find this a useful feature.

+1 for this. I’ve been hurt by Paypal’s % grabbing a couple of times 🙁

Thanks guys for the support of demand on this. I really think it would be great… I have disabled all of the forms of payment currently. If we had this for Paypal and it gave the user a notification like “payments through payapal will have the fee automatically added” that wld be awesome.


Also with Google checkout.. they’re updating to Google Wallet so not sure how that works anymore.

Very useful, I was also thinking the same thing so…I would also love to have these added. Thanks

+1 This would be beneficial for many payment gateways, not just PayPal.


+1 for % to paypal fee !

thanks 🙂


+1 for any Payment would be good idea not only paypal

We’ve just released multiple taxes for invoices. This feature makes room for an upcoming “paypal” (and other) fee area. Paypal fees will be able to be added to the invoice just like another “tax” is added to an invoice. I’ll update here when this feature is ready for testing.

Great great great !
Thanks !!!!

awesome! – Thanks

Awesome feature but what about the check and cash button?
I would like to give the opportunity to my customers to pay via paypal, bank transfer or cash. As the fee is only applied with paypal payment how can I avoid the extra tax in other two payments?

This should be an option for paypal and the other payment gateways. Luca i requested this feature for check here,

Thank you! Didn’t see it!

Any news on this feature? Adding a fee to Paypal/ Credit Card payments is very important for me. Some large transactions that happen make it very expensive to charge online, but some people enjoy the connivence and don’t mind paying a fee.

This will be a great addition!

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