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Currently each client has an email tab where we can send a manual email. Moreover, everytime we complete a system tasks such as an invoice, estimate, job, etc, we can customize that email which is great.

However whenever we want to send a regular email (not related to a system task) such as invoices related to our work, we don’t have the option to create or choose templates when sending a regular email.

Examples include: welcome to the company email, breach of contract email, follow up email, etc.

Please allow this option, it will save us a lot of time

you can do this already,

Customer Email Feature:

It is now possible to send emails directly to the customer from UCM. Just open up a customer, look for the new “Emails” tab and click “Send New Email”.

You can create templates (Settings>Templates) named email_template_* (eg: email_template_default, email_template_promo) and these will appear in a drop down list when sending an email.

The email tab will also show a history of all emails sent to the customer (eg: invoice emails, overdue reminders, etc..

What would be nice is to have short-codes for Related Website and Related Job, so when you pick these from the drop downs the info would be inserted into the template automatically so were not having to manually type them in on the templates.

I Stand corrected, the shortcode for the drop down related job is {JOB_NUMBER}
and the shortcode for the drop down related website i believe is {WEBSITE_ID}

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