Add Custom Fonts for PDF Invoices

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Hi Guys,

I am attempting to add some custom fonts for use in my pdf invoices following the instructions provided in the FAQ’s section article Add custom font to PDF invoices but am stuck on step which says Edit the file includes/plugin_pdf/html2ps/html2ps.config as this file does not exist in the location stated?

hmm…you might have some missing files. I have it in that directory. If you want to send me a message via my website, Savio Designs, I’d be happy to send you a link of that plugin that you can update yours with.

Hi There I have just sent you a message via your website. Thanks so much for the assistance I really appreciate it!

Thanks so much -just sent you a link with the files.

Yes I was missing quite a number of files however followed the instruction for implementation of my custom fonts but they just don’t seem to take effect in my Invoices?

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virtualsynergyAdd Custom Fonts for PDF Invoices