Add a discount option next to each jo/invoice item

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As of now, we can include a discount only on invoices and not on jobs/quotes.

It would be very beneficial if you guys work on this update:
* Add an option for us to discount specific job/invoice items.
* This discount could be a % or a flat fee
* This discount will show on a column next to the item price/total

This way, we can discount discount specific items (that may be on promotion) and show it to the client in the quote and invoice. Thanks

Totally agree and need these functions. Overall in new quote feature!

This would be great!!! both in jobs as well as in quotes! Each task should be able to be discounted.

any news on that?
Thank you!

For partial discount, I believe you can add a blank item and put description “Discount”, enter a negative value for the amount (say -200), it will reduce the price partially 🙂 Probably trick that dtbaker didn’t even realize himself/herself.

I need this! +1

Feature accepted.

if possible, not just a flat rate discount, but a choice of flat rate or percentage 🙂

Any updates/eta on this feature by chance?

This feature is very useful and needed!

As you are going to work on this part of code and database, it will be helpful to add a custom qty/hour description as described in this topic. I think it should be easy.

Any news on this? What about my previous post? It has been accepted too? Thank you

Any word on this accepted feature request by chance?

dtbaker, good to see you are back on the forums! I know you have a bit of backlog – but any update on this accepted feature request yet? Also, is it possible to add a percentage discount option in addition to a flat amount discount?

Any word when this accepted feature will launch by chance?

Yes I’m working on a complete re-write of the Quotes, Jobs and Invoices section which will allow these sort of additions to be created. At the moment any more changes to calculating Quote/Job/Invoice prices is such a hack that it creates more problems after every change. Stay tuned!

Awesome – thanks for the info!

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robertfutureAdd a discount option next to each jo/invoice item