Accidently Deleted Custom Data Section/ I Have a BACKUP What next?

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Hello! Just want to say how awesome this CRM software is and how much easier it has made running my business so thanks! But yesterday I was busy so I stupidly (live and learn) gave my account info to my assistant to make a change to the CRM and when I logged back in turns out an entire section was deleted! It has really important info about my clients usernames passwords SSN, EIN and I really need them back. It was a custom data field I added on the main menu section. I have a SQL and file backup from 2 days prior, just want to see what my next step should be to restore the backup I don’t see that option in the CRM.

You should just be able to upload the old files and insert the mySql database (delete and insert the backup) through PHPMyAdmin.

I would still back up what you have currently, but that should work for you (you would lose everything from the last two days though). I hope this helps.

Just a bit of selfless promotion (which doesn’t help you too much right now), I run a backup service that makes it pretty easy to restore UCM (I have done real world tests on it). If you want to check it out, you can see it here: Savio Designs Site Saver

Wow thanks for the help! So i’ll just login to my c-panel make a backup of the current database through UCM and delete the current SQL database and upload the old one. Just to make sure though do you think I would also need to re upload all the files? I mean it was a custom section with no files were ever uploaded and I still have access to all the pdf files and scans I just lost the section with the information. Is that actually hard-coded into some of the files or is all SQL based? Sorry just want to make sure I don’t ruin anything these clients are my life!

Also wow I wish I would have known about that service before! Would have made my job less stressful these past two days!

No prob at all – I haven’t done a backup and restore with the built in system so I don’t want to guarantee anything. I am not sure if the backed up MySQL has add/drop tables or is truncated or not – as that would vary if you need to delete the MysQL completely, then import it – or just clear the tables and then paste over it (I am not sure which one is used, I am guessing the first one – but I would wait for @dtbaker just to be safe).

To my knowledge, what you are describing with how u used custom data, you probably don’t need to delete and restore your back up files – just the database. Again, this is just from my knowledge of UCM – I don’t want to guarantee anything for sure. Just to be safe, I would create an additional backup of how things are now before you try and do a restore.

I hope this is helpful!

Ok so a quick update for those who might run into the same issue. I managed to fix everything back to normal thanks to Savio’s contribution (THANKS ALOT MAN!) i’d recommend him and his service to prevent these types of headaches in the future! But all I did was make a current backup of the CRM as it stands now, then using my previous backup with my missing sections I deleted my SQL database, readded the SQL database and imported the backup SQL file all through phpmyadmin. After logging in to check if I needed to also restore files I was able to login no issue and hooray my deleted Section was back but now all the files were deleted and I was getting a SQL error but was still able to navigate and use the CRM. So i uploaded my old file backup using Filezilla and replaced all files currently their. After doing that everything was back to normal all files and section restored! So if you have the same issue just do that and it will work out=] thanks again Savio!

Glad you got it working and I was able to help!

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hhhernanAccidently Deleted Custom Data Section/ I Have a BACKUP What next?