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How can i know Cron Job setup is correct?

We already set the script to execute in our hosting but i still showing Cron Job Not Setup in Dashboard.

We set the Cron script to execute every days at 5:30 am. So, once a day. Is this setup ok for newsletters and other crm functions propouses?

Thanks in advance


Can i get some support to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance

Usually that should go away after the first Cron initializes. I would recommend doing a test newsletter to a test account and see if it automates. If it doesn’t, then your Cron is not set up correctly. If it sends, then you are good to go.

Best to set the cron to run at least every hour. Mine is set to run every 10 minutes. The hosting provider can assist with correct CRON setup, as it differs between hosting accounts.

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