ability to archive projects and jobs

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When we run quotes for people we place them in the system as normal but if we dont get the jobs we have to delete them so the notifications dont keep popping up.  Likewise when a project or job is complete is still shows up in the total project list.

If would be fantastic if there was a button that allowed us to convert a quote into a production order. as to not confuse our design staff.  that way there are no notification and our job scheduler does not have to root through all the jobs we have ever done. just current ones.

Also when completed if the project and job would archive so we can see them or run a report on them. but only see active jobs in the jobs tab.

Thank you

+1 on job archive ability. I would even take it a step further with Customer archive as well. This would allow for any completed jobs to still show up in finances (for sorting tax returns at the end of the year), but remove clients from active view.

Although I suppose I could just create two groups: active and inactive

+1 for a  button that allowed us to convert a quote into a production order. 

and to add further if we have a option to send the quote to the client and ask them to accept it or even sign it digitally and accept with a proposal doc or with all our terms and conditions which will then convert the quote as a production order, only if the client accepts it. The same flow as in the quote roller as in the below link.


1. Create a quote with job description price and everything, add a proposal document from available template if needed for that project

2. select a standard terms and condition from the template

3. Option to edit proposal and terms and condition if needed specific tot his customer

4. Send quote to the client with proposal, terms and condition and quote.

5. once client accepts it then they are legally bounded to the terms and conditions of our company.

6. rest of the flow…

Can’t you already do this in a round-about way.  Just set a filter to only Uncompleted Jobs. I think it would be nice if we could set the default options in our filters so we can ALWAYS have Uncompleted Jobs as the filter.  But it could be changed if we wished.

+1 for Customer Archiving! 🙂

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tbmcreativeability to archive projects and jobs